About Me!

Hi, I’m Cheryl

I’m a wife, health coach, entrepreneur and creator of the Cheryl Eats Green lifestyle blog.  Once I hit midlife, I realised that my nutrition, beauty and lifestyle needs were all shifting…

I didn’t want to “age gracefully,” I wanted to look and feel vibrant, have a clear and focused mind and feel good about my life and place on this planet for years to come, all in a healthy, happy, SEXY and fulfilling way. I finally found what I was looking for on a plant based lifestyle.

Now, as a wellness advocate, blogger and social influencer my intention is simple:

To CELEBRATE life by sharing healthy food, self care tips, vegan beauty and lifestyle for age positive living

Join me here for simple inspiration to live your best life now!


Cheryl is originally from California, but currently lives in the UK with her husband Mark,

their 14 year old dog Ben and Tuxedo cat Peter.

Always love,