About Cheryl Ford

It's a Plantiful Lifestyle!

 I'm Cheryl, a food, wellness & lifestyle blogger, certified integrative nutrition coach and creator of the Cheryl Eats Green blog. After turning 50, I learned the hard way that REAL wellness takes more than just any old food, exercise and hoping all goes well...

I wanted to look and feel vibrant, lose weight, have a clear and focused mind and feel good about my life and place on this planet for years to come. It wasn't easy, but I finally found what I was looking for on a healthy, plant based lifestyle.

Now as a food blogger and wellness expert my intention is simple:

To inspire you to eat well & live WHOLE by shifting your perception about food, diets and lifestyle for greater well-being, balance and JOY... Join me here for simple plant based inspiration to live your best life now, at any age!